Go 高性能分词 Gse v0.20.0 发布, 优化性能

Go 语言高效分词, 支持英文、中文、日文等

词典用双数组trie(Double-Array Trie)实现, 分词器算法为基于词频的最短路径加动态规划。

支持普通和搜索引擎两种分词模式,支持用户词典、词性标注,可运行JSON RPC服务。


package main import (     "fmt"     "github.com/go-ego/gse" ) func main() {     var seg gse.Segmenter     seg.LoadDict("zh,testdata/test_dict.txt,testdata/test_dict1.txt")     text1 := []byte("你好世界, Hello world")     segments := seg.Segment(text1)     fmt.Println(gse.ToString(segments)) }

Lethe RiverAdd

[NEW] Add slice() and string() func and test

[NEW] Add more test

[NEW] Optimize textSliceToString splicing speed

[NEW] Update LoadDict() log.Printf and optimize read dict log

[NEW] Add ToString() and ToSlice() default value and update test

[NEW] ToString and ToSlice use return not use else and update code

[NEW] Update sever code

[NEW] Add token equals() func and test

[NEW] Add search mode example

[NEW] Optimize file defer close

[NEW] Segment return use nil not empty array

[NEW] Update pkg to newest ( optimize cedar code )

[NEW] Update and refactoring segment test code

[NEW] Update dictionary and static demo

[NEW] Refactoring gse benchmark code

[NEW] Update and simplify test code


[NEW] Update issue template more obvious

[NEW] Update godoc, pullrequesttemplate.md and issue_template.md

[NEW] Update README.md Uniform name

[NEW] Update godoc

[NEW] Update Update README.md add searchMode docs

[NEW] Optimize Japanese subparticipation errors

[NEW] Update code style and name style

[NEW] Update examples and benchmark code

[NEW] Add Travis ci go1.11 support


[FIX] Update examples lang fix #4

[FIX] Fix typo for example

[FIX] Fix LoadDict() godoc error

[FIX] Fix sub-word error

[FIX] Fix dict is nil segmentWords panic nil pointer

[FIX] Update README.md Fixed Release badge

See Commits for more details, after Apr 27.